How do our Amarzo spoons come about?

The spoons of Amarzo are avant-garde products of the recovery of material otherwise intended for recasting and allow you to give and give away objects of Tuscan craftsmanship 100% made in Italy and design, but with a special attention to the environment. But how do our spoons come out? Let’s find out together.

How do we distinguish our Amarzo spoons?

Our recycled glass spoons are in fact born from the top of the bottles (which includes the neck) that will be perfect for mixing salads or as an original appetizer holder for cheese, olives and the solid foods you prefer or even for finger food or as a sauces holder. Depending on the color of the starting bottles, the spoons will be ivory black or still pastel yellow or bright green.

Four steps to make Amarzo spoons

We start first to recover the raw material at restaurants and wine shops in our area, that is, all those bottles of wine that for them should be destined for differentiated waste and for us instead become raw materials at zero km or almost.

Once brought to the laboratory, we sterilize them through an ecological blast chiller, remove the label and prepare for cutting with a grinding wheel, which will be different according to the final product we want to obtain (for example for our spoons we will make an oblique cut, so as to allocate the remaining part of the bottle for processing the jugs). The grinding wheel we use is a diamond wheel with a very fine grain designed to be effective but not dangerous for the hands. Through the pressure exerted when we put the bottle in contact with the diamond wheel, the bottle is cut, which is always clean and precise so as not to disperse any splinters.

After this first phase, we move on to the next grinding phase in a second dedicated machine, which aims to homogenize the entire surface of the cut part; this to eliminate all the serrations and scratches and sharp points that are created after the first cut, so as to make the cut part homogeneous and safe to use.

The third phase is the taping, where we make a further grinding, in order to make even safer the drink (in the case of glasses), or the support of fingers or hands (in the case of a jug, a tray or a spoon) ensuring a smooth and smooth surface that makes our products also comfortable in use.

The fourth step is polishing where in a machine equipped with a special brush the product is treated with water and pumice stone to make the surfaces we processed extremely shiny and beautiful to the eye.

At this point we move on to the final finishing: with a double-sided adhesive we apply our logo on which we spray the sand through a high pressure compressor; so we sew but also any other product you choose, undergoes a process called sandblasting, that will fix our logo. It is at this stage that, if you wish, we can customize the product you choose, adding to the logo also a date, a name or a phrase at your request.

From here our spoons will be ready to be canned and arrive in short to your house or to the house of a special person that you want to leave open-mouthed.

For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, Made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.

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