How we clean and sterilize bottles (In ECO mode)

Hello dear friend, 

 Today we want to explain the steps we take from finding bottles to cleaning.

Probably as you can already imagine the bottles we can find are not in the best condition, in fact, you can find dusty bottles, bottles with halos due to residual wine etc.

 We can find the bottles in two ways:

thanks to the allocation of some baskets at the wineries in the province of Siena

 through reports of the network of people related to Amarzo baskets or pallets of bottles unused for years...

 Once decided the use of the single bottle is subjected to sterilization, through blast chiller. 

The bottle is then processed through the 4 processing steps that allow it to become the required product. The steps are cutting, grinding, taping and polishing.

After processing, the product is cleaned and made further polished through the bio detergent for glasses and mirrors by Greenatural, which is an ecobio product dedicated to cleaning and hygiene of the house. 

(As you will have understood by now we live the sustainability to 360 tons)


This product is based on organic lemon essential oil and plant extracts.

The spray for glasses and mirrors is perfect for making surfaces shiny, clean and sanitized.

It is a bioprogressive product, not tested on animals, without parabens and optical whiteners.

 N.B. Nobody pays us to sponsor this product, as you can see there is no affiliate link, it is just an attempt to inform people like you about the products and philosophy we use, and why not get to know ECO products.

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