The Mayan forest is safe

The Mayan forest is safe

More precisely the news was released for World Earth Day 2021, and for those of us who have an eye for the environment and more than a small sense of anguish could not receive better news..

 The Mayan forest is safe...

 What do you mean?

 Let me explain to you...

 The Maya forest is located on the border between Guatemala, Mexico and Belize and includes an air of 4 million hectares, which is home to about twenty different ecosystems and about 600 thousand people of various indigenous groups.

A definitely spectacular environment and maybe a day to visit, but...

 The large green area was in the crosshairs of the great powers of agro-industry ready to make the forest disappear to make room for intensive plantations.

The area was owned by a US private company and when it was put up for sale, about fifteen organizations (including Global wildlife conservation, The nature conservacy and Wildlife conservation society) decided to purchase it to take care of it.

 Now the forest is in good hands.


Today we should all be indebted to these 15 companies that have decided to buy the forest, in fact if the big corporate giants all acted like this, we would probably solve the various climate problems faster...

But I want to remind you that in our little way, we can all do something, and so can you..

 Do you have a sustainable idea?

It would certainly be interesting to deepen a moment and understand if it is a developing idea or not (the planet could benefit)

However, even without a sustainable idea, remember in your little to carry out all those actions and good behaviors that even if they seem like a drop in the ocean, actually make a difference.


Thank you for your attention,

See you soon

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