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Do you want to make the Amarzo glasses yours?

From today you can do it and in fact someone has made the very first requests.

Here are some examples:

Are you taken care of?

You can contact us like this:

Sending us a direct message on Instagram "amarzo_madeinitaly"

By sending us an email on

By clicking the "Talk to us" button, you will be connected to one of our operators.

 You just have to tell us which name you want to sandblast on your product:

 Also you can apply your request on any product and in the area you like, in fact, as you can see, we made customizations on the tray, both along the bottle, both on the neck.

The rebirth

Giving new life to wine bottles has never been so beautiful, respecting nature, with the unmistakable class of Italian Craftsmanship!

The incessant recovery of bottles leads to the continuous creation of new products, because, for the preservation of our planet, we do not make selections between sizes or types of bottles.

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