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Recycled Glass Jug | Amarzo

Recycled Glass Jug | Amarzo

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The Amarzo jugs are made through an elegant oblique cut of a 0.75cl bottle of 100% recycled glass.

Produced by Italian artisans, rustic and refined at the same time, it is suitable both for the most elegant dinners and for an aperitif in the garden.  

The beak shape is a practical and innovative solution to prevent liquids from flowing along the edges after being poured.

Available in the following formats:

Barbera Magnum 1.5 L

Barbera Standard 0.75 L

Available in the following colours:




The Amarzo jugs are made with extreme attention to detail. Its smooth surface amazes and knows how to conquer your guests with its essential and sinuous lines.

At Amarzo we are very attentive to waste: 

The cut parts of the bottles are used for the production of our spoons. Discover them among our products.

By choosing the Amarzo jugs you too can do your part for a cleaner world. 


By the environment and the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship.

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