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Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo

Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo

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Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo


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 Do you want to stand out and impress your guests with an impeccable class?

What if you did it sustainably?

Here are the Amarzo sets created by the "blends" of the most famous Amarzo glasses.

The simple lines and the intense color give an elegant and minimal touch. 

The craftsmanship gives precision in the finishes, to ensure a safe product, smooth and soft to the touch.

Unlike industrial production, Amarzo glasses are created by hand using only water and diamond grinding wheel.

By choosing the Supertuscan Set you will receive a mix of six glasses that can vary both in quantity and in the shade of each color, with the only certainty of being able to find within 6 glasses including:

Asti (Light Brown)

Barbera (Black)

Malvasia (Yellow wine)

Primitivo (Bright Green)

Verdicchio (light green)

Vernaccia (White) wine

A set designed for the most creative, who do not stop at the choice of a single color to match your table, which see the potential of each shade of glass, from the most daring for an elegant table, to the most sensual for an ideal romantic dinner. 

Amarzo glasses represent the result of a good protection of the environment, producing no emission during their creation.

Carefully handmade, by Italian artisans, using only diamond grinding wheel and water.

Buying them will not only give class and elegance to your table but will help the recycling of glass.


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By the environment and the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship.

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