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Recycled Glass half neck tray | Amarzo

Recycled Glass half neck tray | Amarzo

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Color Black ivory/ Bright Green


Magnum 10x5,5x34,5

Classic 10x4x30

 Weight 170/320g

Are you a lover of details and aesthetics?

Amarzo has created a new concept of knick-knacks for you.

The tray half neck of Amarzo, obtained from the longitudinal cut of 100% recycled glass bottles.

This object with humble traditions has been revisited to give the entrance of your home a detail that will hardly go unnoticed.

The result of a very fine sanding created by the knowledgeable hands of the Tuscan master glassmakers entirely by hand, it is stable on every surface, thanks to its flattened base.

Choosing the tray half neck of Amarzo you too can do your part for a cleaner world. 


By the environment and the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship.

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