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Tray "Barbera" with recycled glass neck | Amarzo

Tray "Barbera" with recycled glass neck | Amarzo

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 Coloration Nero avorio


Magnum 10x6x35

Classic 8x5x30

He gave 7x5x23,3

 Weight 150/500g

The "barbera" tray with Amarzo neck is obtained from the longitudinal cut of 100% recycled glass bottles.

Available in three variants:

Barbera Magnum from 1.5L

Barbera Classico from 0.75L

Barbera Demì from 0.375L

Each piece is handmade by Italian artisans with recycled materials and without waste.

The handle obtained from the neck of the bottle is reinforced, to ensure strength and maneuverability in transport.

The minimal design is enhanced by smooth and smooth edges that are clean and sensual, for those looking for an original product without sacrificing simplicity.

The support base is flattened on the outside of the bottle to ensure stability on any surface.

By choosing the "Barbera" sparkling wine tray with Amarzo neck, you too can do your part for a cleaner world. 


By the environment and the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship.

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