Design Gift Ideas for Easter at less than 40 euros

There is very little to Easter and you want to start living your outdoor spaces, thanks to the mild spring days? Or just do not want to give eggs, doves and typical foods but are you looking for a more lasting, design and unique gift to impress the people you love the most?

Contact us with confidence Amarzo: we have in store for you some gift ideas for less than 40 euro great friends of the environment. In fact, all Amarzo design objects are created exclusively by hand from recycled glass using only water and diamond wheel, with a view to respecting the environment that also includes the processes and that makes every single piece truly unique as the only craftsmanship Made In Italy can do.

This is how new products are constantly born, because for us glass is all precious, without any distinction between sizes or types of bottles. Here we offer only two of the different gift ideas that you can also have further customized.

First gift idea: Fenestra

It is currently at a promotional price our unmistakable Fenestra in the formats Classic and Magnum, thus falling within the budget. Fenestra is born from 6 processing processes and is something more than a simple bottle in the section: in fact it combines in itself the essential style of modern design to the wisdom of Italian artisans, creating something unique that is perfect in all styles, from rustic to classic, from chabby chic to modern. Ideal for both home furnishings, offices or commercial activities, it never goes unnoticed.

Second gift idea: "Barbera" Trays with Recycled Glass Neck

Our Barbera trays with neck become perfect serving dishes, able to satisfy all appetites, from the most delicate to the strongest. In particular, the "Barbera " Classic trays of 0.75 lt and Barbera Magnum of 1.5 liters can be used for their capacity also as multi-portion dishes such as salads or bowls for spaghetti or long or short pasta, beautifully beautiful all diners. They can be handled without any difficulty, since the handle obtained from the neck of the bottle is specially reinforced to ensure strength and dexterity  in transport.

Celebrate with us our birthday

Why do we call ourselves Amarzo? Simply because our business started just this month two years ago and we hope to grow more and more thanks to you. In fact, to thank you for your loyalty, keep an eye on our newsletter: we thought of a gift to celebrate together.


For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.


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