Who we are

The Amarzo company was born from the eternal friendship between:

Iozzi Cristiano;

Taglialavore Luigi;

Three guys united by the common passion for wine and Tuscan traditions. Through their work experience in the fabulous Chianti wineries, they noticed the huge amount of empty bottles thrown away while still being in excellent condition. 

Driven by the desire to reduce this waste as much as possible, they wondered how best to create something useful and innovative.

These are their goals: safeguarding the environment, continuing to give life and prestige to Italian craftsmanship known worldwide for its quality and elegance!


After tastings and events a huge number of empty bottles were thrown away, although still in perfect condition.

Their challenge is to try to give them a new life, as useful and rich as the previous one.

After careful research, they managed to devise a line of products...

All handmade by Italian artisans...

 ...with an extreme elegance and great charm, so they have established the foundations of AMARZO, whose goal is to bring inside the houses a touch of class and unique and inimitable.



The value of glass

Glass is a precious treasure that symbolizes Tuscan art and elegance.

The main characteristic of glass is durability, something that is now forgotten.

On average a glass bottle is remelted after two months.

The rebirth

"La rebirth" represents our mission to give new life to every bottle of wine, joining the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship.

Through creative reuse, we transform bottles into sustainable works of art, reducing environmental impact.

Small steps for a cleaner world

We are committed to transforming every bottle of wine into sustainable works of art.

Each reused bottle represents a step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability, in line with Tuscan craftsmanship and elegance.

Made in Tuscany

The quality of Tuscan craftsmanship is the foundation on which Amarzo stands.

Each transformed bottle represents the passion for elegance and sustainability.

The dream

"The dream" of Amarzo is the constant commitment to pass on the art of Tuscan craftsmanship, sustainability and elegance through our products.

This dream guides us to embody tradition, revive old techniques like glass grinding, and offer the world creations that unite past and present in a tangible symbol of the values ​​they inspire.

Luigi and Cristiano

“We believe that high-quality aesthetics can be a powerful incentive to inspire people to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, just like our approach to breathing new life into wine bottles.”