Sustainable Gifts for Christmas: Ecological and Original Ideas

As the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas, approaches, it is not easy to find the perfect gift for friends and relatives, avoiding making a bad impression. Nowadays, people are increasingly attentive to aspects such as sustainability and respect for the environment. This is why it might be worth considering sustainable gifts for Christmas and positively surprising those who are more sensitive to these issues. In the next lines of this guide, therefore, we have decided to show you 5 eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas. Are you curious to find out what they are? 

5 eco-sustainable gift ideas for Christmas

Recycled glass coffee cups 

Who doesn't need recycled glass coffee cups ? This is an excellent gift idea ideal for lovers of the most popular black drink in the world. The set includes 6 coffee cups made of recycled glass, characterized by a one-of-a-kind design and the result of the art of Tuscan master glassmakers. The cups can be sent directly in a convenient gift card, perfect for the occasion. Among the advantages to include for these coffee cups there is certainly the ease of cleaning which makes them truly appreciated for everyday use. 

Elegance in simplicity

how to recycle glass bottles

Recycled glass water jug 

Imagine inviting important people to your home and having to elegantly serve water or any other drink. With this recycled glass jug we are sure you will make an excellent impression. The water jug ​​respects a unique design and its spout shape is designed to avoid drips along the edges. It is currently available in 0.75 l and 1.5 l sizes, to adapt to any occasion and convenience. Furthermore, they are made using an elegant oblique cut, for a perfect mix of elegance and more rustic style. 

Water pitcher

Designer lamp in recycled glass 

The recycled glass designer lamp is a fantastic addition to any living room. With its elegance and its lights, this designer lamp illuminates the most important rooms of the house, fully respecting the environment. It is a lamp obtained by recycling a bottle of wine which has been subjected to a manufacturing process to ensure top quality aesthetics. 

The lamp is a truly unique piece that promotes a sustainable future and enhances the beauty and usefulness of recycling. 

Lux - March

Scented candle in recycled glass 

The Recycled Glass Scented Candle elevates every moment of the day with a touch of elegance and well-being. This item is not just a piece of furniture, but represents a commitment to sustainability, being handcrafted from recycled wine bottles. 

The combination of natural waxes such as soy, palm and coconut releases a violet fragrance that can transform any environment into a welcoming and refined space. In addition to being a beautiful design object, the candle holder contributes to reducing waste and shows Amarzo's love for the environment. With more than 30 hours of burn time, these candles are ideal for those looking for products that combine aesthetics and ecological responsibility.

Sustainable perfumes

Floral collection

You absolutely can't go wrong with the Amarzo floral collection. If you think that ornaments are boring and add nothing to a person's home, you will completely change your mind when you discover our sustainable proposals. 

In fact, recycled glass glasses and spoons with floral decorations are the new must-have for all those environmentally conscious people who want to add a touch of green to their environments, without weighing down the furniture too much. In the floral collections at your disposal, you will be able to find perfect solutions for all budgets. This is why we suggest you take some time and discover the offers we have reserved for you. 

flower arrangements

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In short, whether you are looking for an original and, at the same time, sustainable gift, you won't have to look any further. On Amarzo you will find some of the best sustainable gift ideas for Christmas ready for delivery. We are certain that anyone with greater sensitivity towards environmental issues will be happy to receive a gift of this type. 

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