Santa Claus and the Christmas Markets: Greetings, Recipes and Games for a Sustainable Party


Christmas is upon us, and with it comes Santa Claus, Christmas markets, greetings, Christmas recipes and festive games. But this year we want to share something special with you: how to make your Christmas party not only magical but also sustainable. And what's better than a touch of recycled glass to add elegance and an eco-friendly footprint to your celebrations? That's why we invite you to explore the options on to make your Christmas more eco-friendly and extraordinary at the same time.

Santa Claus and Recycled Glass

Santa Claus is known for his generosity, and this year could be the ideal time to take a more sustainable approach to our Christmas gifts and decoration too. On , you will find a wide range of recycled glass products, perfect for creating a charming and environmentally friendly Christmas atmosphere. From Christmas baubles to centerpieces, recycled glass can transform your home into a welcoming festive oasis.

Christmas Markets: Find Inspiration

Christmas Markets are a perfect place to find unique decorations and special gifts. But this year, before entering the stalls of the markets, we invite you to take a look at . You will find an exceptional selection of recycled glass products, ideal for your Christmas tree or to create a magical atmosphere in your home.

Christmas Greetings: Sustainable and Meaningful

Christmas greetings are an essential part of the celebration. To make your greetings even more special, why not opt ​​for handmade Christmas cards with recycled glass? It will be a gesture of affection that will be reflected not only in your thoughts but also in your attention to the environment.

Christmas Recipes: Taste and Sustainability

Christmas is also the time for delicious dishes. Why not make your Christmas recipes more sustainable by using recycled glass tableware? You will find plates, glasses and cutlery that will not only add a touch of elegance to your table but will also help reduce your environmental impact.

Christmas Games: Eco-Fun

Finally, Christmas Games are a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. To add an eco-friendly touch to your Christmas games, why not opt ​​for recycled glass puzzles and board games? It will be a fun way to embrace a sustainable lifestyle this holiday season.


This Christmas, join Santa Claus in his commitment to a more sustainable world. Visit to discover a wide range of recycled glass products that will transform your Christmas celebrations into an ecological and unforgettable experience. From decorations to gifts, through to crockery and games, recycled glass will be the protagonist of your Christmas. Let's make a difference this year and celebrate Christmas sustainably!

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