How to preserve Amarzo glass objects for a long time

Glass is a material that is not only 100% and infinitely recyclable but also has a high durability (if properly used and stored it can be used several hundred times without being used). Unfortunately, too often we treat it as a disposable material, wasting precious energy to the detriment of the environment. But how to better preserve your glass objects? Let’s find out together.

Are your kitchen glasses recyclable?

The answer is most of the time NO. Glass bottles, glass jars and bottles (except for medicines) can be thrown into the bell or glass bin (which according to the common can be collected alone or together with the metal or together with the plastic ).

Glasses? Only if they bear the symbol VE or if they have the symbol of the recycling triangle and the identification numbers (which are GL 70, for transparent glass such as canned glass, GL 71 for green glass such as wine bottles and GL 72 for brown glass such as beer bottles). If they do not have this acronym, they go in the dry because it is not absolute glass but mixed with other non-recyclable materials (for example lead for crystal objects).

Our products, however, are not only eco-design objects, made in Italy completely by hand but are all 100% recyclable because they come from glass bottles.

Where to store our glassware?

You have bought (or have given) some of our products. Great choice, but how to best store them? Like all glasses, ours must be kept safe from vibration and contact and protected from dust. You can leave them in the dish head down or in an open support if you will use them daily, or you can use a wardrobe, a locker, a bar cabinet (preferably wooden)or a crystal or wooden cabinet with front and sides in glass to store them if you want to use them on special occasions (but having them always visible).

And if you do not have a wardrobe? You can use containers for dishes by adapting them as cup holders.

After that, we organize our glasses for groups, first by type, then by size and finally by style so that they can be put and removed at the same time from the same point and always have them in view.

If you have purchased a pen holder or fenestra, you can keep them exposed to the air by remembering to clean them periodically with a simple damp cloth to remove dust.

How to wash our glasses, spoons and glass trays?

After use you can wash them by hand using simply soap and water, even better if the soap is environmentally friendly. Or you can put our glasses and glass trays in the dishwasher just taking care to place them correctly inside the basket to avoid chipping or create micro cracks that can alter the tightness of the product. All our products undergo a sandblasting process (both if we put only the logo and if we customize them) and during washing the sandblasted portion will not be damaged (whether they are washed by hand or in the dishwasher).


sandblasted logo

 Be careful though: if you do a lot of washing in the dishwasher, after some time the product will tend to dull, so we recommend that you prefer hand washing to preserve the brilliance of our products.

For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, Made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.


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