Come servire il sushi e le portate a tavola in modo unico

Not only friends of nature: Amarzo allows you to amaze your guests allowing you to stand out even at the table with our products.

Serve sushi and your dishes in a unique way

Amarzo creates avant-garde products by recovering material that is otherwise destined for recasting and at the same time allows you to give and give you 100% Tuscan handicrafts made in Italy and design objects. But how to use them to serve your dishes?

Setting the table with our sets

You can start from a tablecloth in cotton or natural linen or placemats or even if you have a table in wood or natural stone do not put anything to appreciate even more the beauty of the table. We then move on to jugs and glasses: Whether it’s a Barbera, Malvasia or Primitivo set, they are the first step to set the table. Thanks to the sets you can have the jug matching the glasses, or you can buy the jug and glasses separately. To you the choice.

Serve finger food, appetizers or sauces in our Amarzo spoons

Starting with the appetizer, the ideal allies are our recycled glass spoons, perfect as an aperitif for olives, chips, cheese or your favorite solid foods, or even bring them to use for finger food or as a sauce holder.

Serving plates: trays with neck

Extremely versatile and elegant, the trays with neck are also perfect as a serving dish, since the support base is flattened on the outside of the bottle to ensure stability on any floor: In short, it can behave like a normal serving dish, but adds a touch of craftsmanship and unique design.

You can serve it inside sushi trays, meatballs or meat stew, a mixed fish fry, or a large portion of spaghetti or pasta. To keep hot food at a temperature, you can place six neck trays over the neck trays, to reform the original glass bottle that will create a surprise effect in those who taste those foods.

In addition, you can also use them as salad dishes, fruit salad or for single-serving desserts. They are easy to clean and will surely leave your guests speechless.

For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, Made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.


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