Guide to Christmas Decorations for Children: Discover for an Eco-friendly Christmas



Christmas is a magical holiday, especially for the little ones. The moment when the lights twinkle, the trees are decorated and the scent of cookies begins to waft through the house is a special time to create lasting memories with our children. But what makes Christmas truly unique for young people? Christmas decorations! In this article, we'll walk you through some great Christmas decoration ideas for kids and also introduce you to, the perfect place to find eco-friendly decorations for a truly special party.

DIY decorations

Nothing makes Christmas more special than handmade decorations. Involving children in creative projects will make them feel an integral part of the party. Here are some ideas for DIY Christmas decorations:

  1. Personalized Christmas Baubles : Buy some clear glass baubles and let the kids decorate them with paint, glitter and small Christmas items. These balls will become treasures to treasure for years to come.

  2. Popcorn Garlands : Let kids discover the joy of making a popcorn garland. It's a fun project and once they're done they can hang it in their Christmas tree.

  3. Paper Decorations : Organize an afternoon of crafts with colored paper, scissors and glue. Kids can make stars, angels or snowflakes to hang anywhere.

Recycled Glass Decorations on

Now that you have some ideas for DIY Christmas decorations, why not explore sustainable options? is the ideal place to find recycled glass decorations, perfect for an eco-friendly Christmas. Here you will find a wide range of unique and sustainable Christmas decorations that will help make your Christmas even more special.

  1. Christmas Glasses and Mugs : offers a selection of Christmas glasses and mugs made of recycled glass, ideal for serving hot drinks during cold winter days. Kids will love the festive colors and eco-friendly message.

  2. Recycled Glass Baubles : If you prefer traditional Christmas tree decorations, take a look at the beautiful recycled glass baubles available on They are stylish, eco-friendly and will definitely attract your kids' attention.

  3. Christmas Candles : Christmas candles create a welcoming atmosphere. Choose those made with recycled wax for an ecological and magical touch to your Christmas.


Christmas is a perfect time to create special memories with children, and Christmas decorations play a vital role in this process. DIY decorations allow children to express their creativity, while's recycled glass decorations add an eco-friendly and classy touch to your party.

Visit to discover a wide selection of recycled glass Christmas decorations that will make your Christmas even more special. Make your Christmas an occasion to celebrate the love of nature and creative art, all with just one click!

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