Ecological and creative glass sets

Are you tired of the usual anonymous glass sets that don't represent your creative nature?

Would you like to bring a touch of elegance to your table and leave your guests speechless respecting the environment ?

Then this is the right article for you.

We present to you the Amarzo glass sets , creative and super ecological, made from the recovery of 100% recycled glass bottles , handcrafted by expert Tuscan artisans.

In addition to the glasses, each Set also includes a jug suitable for any type of drink.

glasses in March

The glass sets designed by Amarzo

The sets of glasses by Amarzo, characterized by simple and refined lines and soft and smooth surfaces, are available in 3 different varieties , let's see them together:

Barbera set 6pcs. with Brocca | In March

Includes 6 glasses and a 1.5 L or 0.75 L jug .

The pieces are colored an ivory black : a natural organic pigment used since the classical age, it has high light stability and makes the products extremely elegant and refined .

The Barbera Set is ideal for more formal occasions , you can show it off to serve good red wine just like you were in a luxury restaurant, leaving your guests surprised and satisfied.

barbera glass set

The cost varies depending on the size of the jug:

  • Set of 6 glasses + 1.5 L jug: 57.97

  • Set of 6 glasses + 0.75 L jug: 54.97

Primitive Set 4pcs. with Brocca | In March

Includes 4 glasses and a 0.75 L jug .

The pieces are colored a bright green , a medium-dark totality of green, whose visual action acts on the nervous system by calming accelerated rhythms.

This extraordinary color evokes the contact between man and nature , making the Primitivo Set perfect for a rustic but tasty picnic on a lawn chromatically matching your service.

Primitive glass set

The cost is 49.97

Malvasia set 2pcs. With Pitcher | In March

Includes 2 glasses and a 0.5 L jug .

The pieces are colored a pastel yellow , a medium-light shade of yellow, not very saturated and very bright. This color has soft but subtly lively shades, ideal for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere .

We recommend choosing the Malvasia Set for intimate and delicate situations , perhaps by candlelight , to create the perfect atmosphere.

Pour white wine into glasses using the yellow jug and your partner will fall in ecstasy at your feet.

Malvasia glass set

The cost is 33.97

Attention to environmental sustainability

At Amarzo our mission is to surprise our customers with creative but above all eco-sustainable pieces that respect the environment.

This is why we have chosen glass as the material for our products: it is a versatile , super ecological packaging, reusable up to 50 times and infinitely recyclable .

After recovering unused glass bottles , we bring them to our laboratory to subject them to artisanal treatments that modify their shape and usefulness.

With a few simple manual steps we create original objects with zero environmental impact , thanks to the reduction of pollution and the saving of energy and raw materials for production.

March products

The care of the handmade

Choosing artisanal products means relying on experts who put care, attention and love throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Handmade objects have great value because they are tailor-made for your every need.

For us at Amarzo it is very important to demonstrate the uniqueness of each individual product, which is why it is possible to personalize them through engravings made with the sandblasting technique.

Our sets of glasses are in fact entirely customizable: choose to engrave your name to add them to your collection of unique and unrepeatable pieces, or the name of the person you want to give them to to make them feel even more special.

bitter glass

Request your customization in 3 different ways:

  • send us an email with your request on ;

  • contact us directly on Instagram “amarzo_madeinitaly”

  • click the "Talk to us" button on our website to be put in touch with one of our operators.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Visit our website if you want to purchase our sets of glasses or other 100% made in Italy recycled glass products with a refined Tuscan design.

Article by Sofia Tamborra

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