3 ecological and original accessories for your table

Have you invited friends or family for a tasty lunch at your house and want to leave them stunned?

Then you’re in the right place.

We propose in this article 3 ecological accessories that you can use to serve your delicious dishes at the table in a unique and original way.

Why choose eco-friendly accessories?

Using eco-friendly accessories to enhance your dishes can have a double positive impact:

- your guests: they will be surprised and pleased by such special and at the same time environmentally friendly products;

- on the environment: who will thank you for having taken care of him.

We live in a very delicate moment for our planet, which is trying to resist the colossal invasion of waste produced by us human beings.

The responsibility for this alarming situation lies with an entire community of individuals, who in their own small way can really make a difference.

It’s very important to take a circular approach, try to minimize waste and keep materials and their value in circulation.

This is why we propose the following alternative ideas and greens for your table, so that you can also make a small gesture, but a big difference for the wonderful planet that hosts us.

The 3 eco-accessories for your table

At Amarzo we have created elegant design products using used and hand-crafted glass bottles by expert Tuscan glassmakers.

With a minimalist approach, our intent is to give life to authentic cutting-edge accessories, which are practical, but at the same time functional and refined.

Let’s see some together, perfect to set your table in a super original way.

 1. Recycled glass Amarzo trays

Endowed with an extraordinary versatility, their concave and flattened shape on the outer side of the bottle, makes our trays suitable to contain any type of dish: be it first courses, second courses, side dishes, sushi, fruit or single-portion desserts, These accessories will allow you to impress your guests by adding a touch of class to your table.

To keep temperatures warm, you can cover the trays with the neck with neckless trays, so as to recreate the shape of the original glass bottle.

We present them in 4 different varieties, take a look to choose the most suitable and to your tastes and needs:

Barbera tray with neck;

tray half a neck;

sparkling tray with neck;

Barbera tray without neck.

2. Recycled glass Amarzo jugs

Rustic but delicate, perfect for elegant candlelit dinners or fresh aperitifs in the garden.

We present the Amarzo jugs, made through a slanting cut of a 0.75 cl bottle of 100% recycled glass.

Our craftsmen give life to these wonderful accessories taking care of every detail: the smooth and sinuous surface makes the features of the pitchers minimalist but extremely refined.

They can contain any type of beverage, the beak shape is a practical and innovative solution to prevent liquids from pouring along the edges after being poured.

They are available in two formats:

Barbera Magnum 1.5 L;

Barbera Standard 0.75 L.

 ...and in three different colours:

Barbera (black ivory);

Primitivo (bright green);

Malvasia (pastel yellow).

Given our attention to waste, the parts cut from the bottles to make the jugs, are destined for the production of our mix of spoons.


3. Recycled glass Amarzo spoons

Our mix of spoons consists of 3 pieces made from cutting the neck of glass bottles.

Also present in the 3 shades of color: Barbera, Primitivo and Malvasia.

They are perfect for finger food (or mini portions of food that can be eaten without the use of cutlery) or as a sauces holder.

If you plan to prepare an aperitif, are the ideal accessories to serve olives, chips, cold cuts, cheeses, and very high. Choose our mix of spoons to elegantly accompany an exotic cocktail and leave your guests literally speechless.

As always we hope you enjoyed the article. If you would like more information about our 100% recycled glass products, please contact us.

 Article edited by Sofia Tamborra

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