3 Design Gift Ideas for Christmas for less than 50 euros

Christmas is coming and you have not completed your gifts? Or just can’t find a design gift that is unique to impress the people you love the most?

At Amarzo we offer you some gift ideas of sure effect for less than 50 euros and that are above all friends of the environment. All Amarzo design objects are created by hand from recycled glass through the use of water and diamond grinding wheel, thus making each piece unique as only the craftsmanship Made In Italy can do.

First gift idea: Fenestra

Our unmistakable Fenestra is the bottle in Amarzo section, the result of 6 processing processes. Fenestra is a design object that combines the wisdom of Italian craftsmanship with a modern and essential style, which blends perfectly with both classic and modern styles.

Thanks to discounts designed for you, Fenestra in all its formats is perfectly within the budget for less than 50 euros.

Second gift idea: Amarzo glasses set

Ideal for the more undecided but who love practical objects and design at the same time, our glasses will be delivered in a set of six that will leave you speechless who will receive it. And you will have the opportunity to choose between a multicolor set like the "Super Tuscan" with glasses of brown, black, yellow, bright green, light green or white or a monochrome set, like this in the picture; so for sure you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Third gift idea: set of glasses and jug

Do you like both glasses and jugs? The perfect solution is a set of jugs and glasses. In your budget, you can choose from:

Set "Malvasia" 2 pieces with Jug 0.5 liters Recycled Glass: in a delicate shade of yellow, the Set "Malvasia" with Jug Amarzo combines a modern design attention to a more sustainable world. Each piece of the set is obtained from the recovery of 100% recycled glass bottles and is handmade by Italian artisans.

Set "Primitivo" 4 pieces with Jug 0.75 liters Recycled Glass : finally just at the limit of 50 euros you can give our set "Primitivo" consisting of 4 glasses and a jug of 0.75L bright green, all made of recycled glass, entirely handmade by Italian artisans.

Now that I have chosen, can I customize my gifts?

Sure. We can engrave the names of the recipients with the sandblasting technique on all the products you want and where you want. You can do this in three different ways: by sending us an email with your request on infoamarzo@gmail.com, by contacting us directly on Instagram "amarzo_madeinitaly" or by clicking the "Talk to us" button which puts you in contact with one of our operators.

For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.

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