How we create our candles on request

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you have no idea what you can give to your destination? Or just can’t find a design gift to impress the people you love the most and that is unique?

Here at Amarzo we offer you some gift ideas of environmental friendly effect. All the Amarzo design objects on our e-commerce are created by hand from recycled glass through the use of water and diamond grinding wheel, thus making each piece unique as only the craftsmanship Made In Italy can do.

But not only: in addition to the products you find online, there are others that we create specifically on request and that can be customizable, like our exclusive candles.

How do we create our candles on request?

You can contact us via our social channels (in direct on Instagram with "amarzo_madeinitaly" or on Tik Tok), or by contacting us on our email or even our chat whatsapp, by clicking the button "Talk to us" to talk to our operator.

Then tell us in which of the available colors (brown, black, yellow, bright green, light green or white) you want your or your candles and whether you want to customize them with an inscription or date or if you prefer them natural or scented.

After that, in a few working days we will create your candle, using the techniques of cutting and preparation that we would use for one of our glasses.

After cutting, grinding, polishing, inserting the logo and possibly customized, we go to prepare the soy wax with which we will fill the casing of your choice.

Why a soy candle?

For many good reasons: first of all it is vegetable and does not come from oil as the commercial paraffin, but also because it is naturally biodegradable and easily removed from the surfaces (just a little hot water and soap) and non-toxic (can be kept safely in the house even in the presence of children and animals).

In addition, more soy candles burn much more slowly (up to three times) than paraffin candles, thus lasting much longer, so cleaner (do not leave any black soot residue) and more burn evenly, leaving no residue in the pots. If perfumed, the scent is more persistent and lasts a long time.

For more information on our 100% recycled glass products, made in Italy, with a refined Tuscan design, contact us.

Ps: Do you want to know why we call ourselves Amarzo? Keep following us, we will explain it soon here on the blog.

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