How to choose the best recycled glass products? Buying Guide

Choosing the best recycled glass products for your apartment is not only a question of pure aesthetics, but also of sustainability and quality. In the next lines of this guide, we have decided to reel off a series of suggestions for selecting the best recycled glass objects that will prove perfect for your decor. Find out with us which elements to pay attention to and the most important aspects to evaluate in your choice. 

Characteristics of recycled glass 

First, it is important to point out that high-quality recycled glass must be transparent and free of impurities. The transparency of glass , in fact, is an indicator of its recycling process and the quality of the materials used. If the glass appears opaque and has impurities, it could be a sign of an inefficient recycling process or the use of poor quality materials. The purity of the glass is achieved through a meticulous selection and cleaning process, which eliminates contaminants such as metals and plastic. 

The color of the glass must also be uniform to be considered quality. Color variations may indicate the use of low-quality materials or an inefficient recycling process. Color variations can compromise the aesthetics of the finished product but also suggest problems in mixing and blending materials. 

Finally, high-quality recycled glass products They feature smooth finishes and thoughtful details. The finishes are the result of a precise manufacturing process aimed at eliminating any surface roughness. This not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the product, but also simplifies the maintenance and care process. 

Imperfections and air bubbles must be minimal and not compromise the aesthetics of the product. While some minor imperfections can add character and uniqueness to handcrafted pieces, excessive bubbles or defects indicate a poor quality of the manufacturing process.

The production process 

Knowing the artisanal techniques used in processing recycled glass can help you better evaluate the products. In Tuscany, glass craftsmanship is a centuries-old tradition, combining manual skills passed down from generation to generation with incredible attention to detail. Tuscan artisans use methods such as mouth blowing and glass grinding to create unique, high-quality pieces.

These artisan techniques, therefore, not only improve the aesthetics of the finished product but also guarantee its durability and functionality. 

Added to this is rigorous quality control, which is essential for each recycled piece to meet certain standards. During production, each phase, from the selection of materials to be recycled to the final processing, is placed under a magnifying glass to prevent the final product from having impurities and defects. 

Additionally, recycled glass must go through a series of strength and durability tests to ensure it is suitable for everyday use. Amarzo , with its commitment to artisanal excellence, applies rigorous quality control standards, ensuring that every recycled glass product that leaves their workshops is of the highest quality. 

Tips for buying recycled glass 

To make the best purchasing decisions for your apartment, it is important to know the origin of the recycled glass, which can provide valuable information regarding its level of quality. Products made in regions with a long tradition of craftsmanship, such as Tuscany , are often of superior quality. 

This happens because glass processing techniques are handed down from generation to generation, relying on the skills of master craftsmen who guarantee high standards. In Tuscany, for example, the art of glassmaking is famous for its precision and beauty. Therefore, when purchasing recycled glass products, our suggestion is to look for information regarding its origin and the history of the manufacturer. 

Another aspect to take into account is the presence of certifications and guarantees to check whether recycled glass products respect certain quality levels. Certifications can be of various types, but they underline that the product has exceeded certain quality levels and was made respecting sustainable practices. 

For example, certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality or ISO 14001 for environmental management can be good indicators. Warranties, on the other hand, offer additional protection for the consumer, ensuring that the manufacturer is willing to resolve any problems that may arise after purchase. 


Choosing the best recycled glass products requires attention to detail and a good understanding of the manufacturing process and quality characteristics. Transparency, purity, color uniformity and smooth finishes are all key indicators of a high-quality product. Furthermore, knowing the origin of the glass and the artisanal techniques used, as well as verifying the presence of certifications and guarantees, are fundamental steps for making informed and sustainable choices. With Amarzo's advice, you can furnish your home with elegance and environmental responsibility, making sure you buy only the best for your apartment.

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