Design Elements for Eco-Friendly Wine Shops

Nowadays, sustainability has become a priority in many sectors, even the wine industry. It is wine shops, in particular, that are embracing an increasingly eco-friendly approach that not only respects the environment, but places the customer experience at the center through the use of design elements that are, at the same time, innovative and sustainable. In the next lines, therefore, we will delve deeper into some of the key elements in the design of eco-friendly wine bars, discovering the products that each of them should have in their premises. 

Eco-friendly furniture and accessories for wine bars 

Furnishings and accessories play a fundamental role in completing the design and style of an eco-friendly wine shop. Amarzo , with its catalog of artisanal products, offers a wide choice of options that combine elegance and sustainability. From glass cups to cocktail glasses, to recycled glass lamps in the shape of a wine bottle, these are just a few examples of how attention to detail can make the difference in your wine shop. 

Recycled glass glasses 

Not all your customers will enjoy wine and other drinks , there are those who will simply have water while enjoying an aperitif with friends. How can you serve even the simplest "drink" in the world with style? The set of recycled glass glasses is certainly an adequate solution for your needs. 

Colored glasses

These glasses are the result of craftsmanship that uses environmentally friendly techniques and allow you to add a touch of class and elegance to the tables of any wine shop. Amarzo glasses are made from recycled glass and support a sustainability-oriented future. If you too, as the owner of a wine shop, want to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach, we suggest you evaluate this option. 

Recycled glass jug 

Crafted with a unique craftsmanship that includes an elegant slanted cut, these recycled glass jugs combine a rustic look with refined elegance, making them perfect for any wine bar. The result of the skill of Italian master craftsmen, each designer water jug ​​features an innovative spout shape, designed to avoid drips along the edges after pouring, thus ensuring practicality without sacrificing style.

eco-sustainable carafe

Through its sinuous lines, this jug captures the attention of your guests and demonstrates how it is possible to combine innovative design and respect for the environment. 

Recycled glass cocktail glasses 

With the Amarzo cocktail glass set you take your cocktails to the next level and you will impress customers who visit your wine shop. These glasses, available in elegant black and white versions, are perfect for serving ice-cold beer, freshly squeezed juice or a drink, helping to add a touch of class to any evening. 

Each glass is the result of careful Italian craftsmanship, created without producing emissions harmful to the environment. Using only diamond grinders and water , the artisans of Amarzo give the glasses a smooth and soft finish to the touch, making them not only a pleasure for the eyes but also for touching. 

Whether it's an aperitif on the terrace or an elegant dinner , the Amarzo tumbler glass adds an unmistakable touch of class to the tables of your wine bars. By opting for these glasses, you will not only enrich your service with unique design elements, but you will also actively contribute to glass recycling, supporting eco-friendly production practices. 

Recycled glass lamp 

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish light source, " Lux " is the recycled glass bottle lamp you need. It is not simply a source of light, but a true work of art that translates into a concrete commitment to the environment. 

Lux - March

This lamp is perfect if you are a wine shop owner looking for interior lighting and decoration solutions. In fact, with its style, Lux transforms any environment, making the atmosphere welcoming and sophisticated, inviting customers to enjoy a tasting experience in total relaxation. 

Opting for Lux means choosing a unique piece that enhances the beauty of reuse, while promoting a more sustainable future. For those who manage a wine shop , Lux is the ideal choice: a practical, elegant and environmentally friendly piece of furniture that will certainly impress and fascinate your customers, making your place even more welcoming.


Adopting an eco-friendly design for your wine shop not only enriches the aesthetics of the place, but also demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. By using furnishings and accessories such as recycled glass glasses, jugs and lamps from Amarzo, you can offer your customers a unique experience that combines elegance and responsibility towards the environment. These innovative and sustainable design elements not only improve the image of your wine shop, but also contribute to a greener future, proving that respect for the environment and refined style can go hand in hand.

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