Glass Recycling: and Environmental Sustainability at the Table


The world is becoming more and more aware of the importance of glass recycling. is at the forefront to promote recycling and environmental sustainability, offering high quality and ecological products such as glasses and trays created from the reuse of wine bottles. In this article, we will explore the meaning of glass recycling, the importance of this practice and how you can contribute to a sustainable future through Amarzo products.

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Glass Recycling: What Does It Mean?

Glass recycling is an environmentally friendly process that involves collecting, separating and reusing glass to create new products. This process reduces the use of natural resources and environmental impact, significantly contributing to sustainability. Glass is one of the most easily recyclable materials, and its recycling offers significant environmental benefits. and the Mission of Sustainability is a brand that embraces the cause of glass recycling and environmental sustainability. We are committed to transforming wine bottles into elegant glasses and table trays, proving that ecology and quality can coexist.

Each Amarzo glass and tray is created by reusing wine bottles. This process not only reduces the waste of resources, but also avoids the emission of new CO2 into the environment and the use of new raw materials, such as sand and silicon. Every kg of glass not remelted avoids the emission of new CO2 into the environment and the use of new raw materials such as sand, silicon, etc.

The Importance of Glass Recycling

Glass recycling has numerous benefits, including:

  1. Reduction of CO2 Emissions : Glass is produced from natural raw materials, and its production requires significant amounts of energy. Recycling glass requires less energy, reducing the CO2 emissions associated with the production of new glass.

  2. Saving Natural Resources : Producing glass from raw materials requires the extraction of sand, silicon and other materials. Recycling glass conserves these precious resources, helping to preserve the environment.

  3. Reducing Landfill Waste : Non-recycled glass often ends up in landfill, taking up valuable space and creating environmental problems. Glass recycling reduces the volume of waste and helps keep our planet clean.

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Amarzo Products: Elegance and Sustainability

Amarzo products embody the perfect meeting between elegance and sustainability. Each glass and tray has been designed with great care to retain the essence of the original wine bottles, adding a touch of class to any table.

Why you should consider purchasing our Amarzo products:

  1. Ecological Sustainability : Each Amarzo glass and tray is made from the reuse of wine bottles, significantly reducing the environmental impact. By purchasing Amarzo, you do your part to avoid the emission of new CO2 into the environment and the use of new raw materials.

  2. Superior Quality : Each Amarzo product has been created with attention to detail, ensuring an exceptional user experience. The quality of our items exceeds expectations.

  3. Support for Sustainability : By choosing Amarzo, you support a company that is committed to environmental sustainability. Every purchase contributes to an important cause.

How to Contribute to Sustainability with

Contributing to sustainability with is easy. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Return the Bottles : If you have purchased bottles of Amarzo wine, return them. offers the possibility of returning the bottles, which will then be transformed into new ecological products.

  2. Buy Amarzo Products : Use the discount voucher you will receive when returning the bottles to purchase our glasses and trays. Every product purchased is a concrete step towards a more sustainable future.

  3. Share Amarzo's Mission : Talk to friends and family about's mission and the importance of glass recycling. Greater awareness and participation can make a significant difference.

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Glass recycling is a fundamental step towards a more sustainable future. Every kg of glass not remelted avoids the emission of new CO2 into the environment and the use of new raw materials such as sand and silicon. With, you can significantly contribute to this cause without sacrificing elegance and quality.

Choose Amarzo products for your table and be part of the positive change. Sustainability has never looked so good!

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