Transforming Wine Bottles into Elegant Eco-sustainable Trays


  1. Introduction
  2. Amarzo's Commitment to the Environment
  3. Amarzo and Glass Grinding
  4. The Amarzo Neck Tray: An Elegant Eco-sustainable Solution
  5. Ecological Sustainability: Amarzo's Mission
  6. Quality Craftsmanship and Uniqueness
  7. Meaningful Gifts and Personalization of Amarzo Products
  8. Conclusions


If you care about the environment and love high-quality home items, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of eco-sustainable trays, in particular the neck tray from Amarzo. This unique solution not only adds a touch of elegance to your home, but also helps reduce your environmental impact. Find out how Amarzo transforms wine bottles into elegant eco-sustainable trays that meet your needs.

Amarzo's Commitment to the Environment

Amarzo is an Italian brand, specifically Tuscan, which has made environmental sustainability its main mission. The brand's promise is to reduce the environmental impact caused by glass remelting, giving new life to wine bottles. This eco-sustainable practice is a direct response to consumers' environmental concerns.

Environmental impact

Amarzo and Glass Grinding

Glass grinding is an almost lost tradition that Amarzo has been able to recover. This processing technique occurs completely cold, without any CO2 emissions. This artisanal process reflects the attention to detail and quality that define Amarzo.

Art in Glass Processing

The Amarzo Neck Tray: An Elegant Eco-sustainable Solution

The main product we want to review in this article is the neck tray from Amarzo. These trays are made from lengthwise cutting of 100% recycled glass bottles. They are available in three different variants, each created by hand by skilled Italian artisans with recycled materials and without waste.

Ecological Sustainability: Amarzo's Mission

The main USP of Amarzo is ecological sustainability. The brand is committed to reducing the environmental impact caused by glass remelting, thus helping to combat the problem of wine bottle waste. Cold glass grinding without CO2 emissions highlights the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Quality Craftsmanship and Uniqueness

Amarzo stands out for his skill in the art of glass grinding, an ancient Tuscan tradition. Amarzo products, such as the tray with neck, bring with them a quality craftsmanship that reflects attention to detail.

Finger food trays

Meaningful Gifts and Personalization of Amarzo Products

Finding unique and memorable gifts can be a challenge, but Amarzo products, thanks to their artisanal quality and history linked to the recycling of wine bottles, can become special gifts for special occasions.


The tray with neck from Amarzo represents an elegant and eco-sustainable solution for your home. With a strong ecological footprint and unbeatable craftsmanship quality, Amarzo offers products that meet your needs for sustainability, quality and originality. Choose Amarzo and contribute to a cleaner world, while adding style and uniqueness to your life.

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