Bicchieri colorati

The rebirth

"La rebirth" represents our mission to give new life to every bottle of wine, joining the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship.

Through creative reuse, we transform bottles into sustainable works of art, reducing environmental impact.

Why give new life to a bottle of wine?

In Italy alone, 341 million bottles of wine are used every year.

Glass would be a long-lasting material, but if we examine the wine supply chain and take into consideration a vintage wine for example, then that bottle will be re-melted after a few weeks or months.

A part of these bottles is dispersed into the environment or disposed of incorrectly and only a part is disposed of correctly.

Taking into consideration the part that is correctly recycled we can say that the remelting of glass involves a new release of Co2 into the environment and the use of materials such as sand, silicon, etc.

The solution proposed by Amarzo is:

  • An organized collection of wine bottles
  • Glass cutting and grinding according to Tuscan craftsmanship (an ancient tradition that was going to be lost and we are happy to continue)
  • All processes are carried out cold, without the use of ovens, thus managing to avoid the dispersion of Co2
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The perfect gift

Giving an eco-sustainable and original gift is a gesture that goes beyond the simple demonstration of affection: it is a tangible way of showing care for the environment and for future generations.

Make it unique with our customization service.

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