3 green gift ideas for Him

Your boyfriend's birthday party is approaching, and are you looking for an original gift idea that will leave him speechless but at the same time respect the environment ? You are in the right place!

Read this article because you might find some really interesting ideas.

The 3 gift ideas for Him

We offer you some green gift ideas perfect for Him : super ecological creations, handmade by expert Italian artisans who recover and process used glass bottles .

We are talking about the items from the Amarzo line , one of a kind, thanks to their rustic and minimalist design and their green heart .

In fact, Amarzo products are born from the most sustainable raw material on the market: glass , whose physical-chemical properties allow it to be endlessly recycled and transformed without affecting its original quality .

A material with very ancient origins , chosen since the past not only as packaging , but also as a basis for exceptional artistic creations .

The choice of glass as a raw material is an eco-sustainable choice , based on the desire to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere , to create useful and artistic objects .

The fine and concise style of our products makes them aesthetic and functional at the same time, adaptable to the most varied circumstances and the most varied personal tastes .

Let's immediately see what the 3 gift ideas are, made strictly from recycled glass, proposed by Amarzo to satisfy your boyfriend's every need and embrace the concept of environmental sustainability .

1. “Primitivo” pen holder | In March

Elegant and refined , this wonderful design artifact is made by our craftsmen through an oblique cut of a 0.75 100% recycled glass bottle .

The Amarzo Pen Holder is characterized by soft and delicate surfaces , suitable for containing all types of stationery items .

Its functionality acquires added value thanks to its intense color - a bright green - which seduces the observer's eye .

It is possible to personalize it by engraving your partner's name using the sandblasting technique, which will make your gift even more unique and unrepeatable.

March pen holder

2. Mirus Glasses 6 pieces | In March

If your man is an alcohol taster , this is the perfect gift for his personality.

These are cocktail glasses , also made from cutting former glass bottles, creative and versatile . In fact, they can contain an exotic drink, but also an ice-cold beer or a freshly squeezed juice .

The mouth of the glasses is perfectly smooth , so as to make tasting the fresh drinks pleasant which will dampen the sultry summer heat.

Also strictly customizable , our Mirus glasses are available in two color varieties :

  • Barbera : bright dark green

  • Vernaccia : transparent and crystalline

    Choose the variety that best suits your boyfriend's personality.

mirus amarzo glass

3. Ashtray | In March

For many, smoking is just a vice, for others it represents an authentic philosophy of life.

Zino Davidoff, tobacco merchant and inventor, was of the idea that in the slow and measured gestures of the smoker one could find a forgotten rhythm and re-establish communication with oneself .

Whether it's cigars or simple cigarettes, tobacco lovers know the importance of breaks , of stopping to fully enjoy the present moment.

If your man is a smoker and thinks this way, we have the perfect gift for this circumstance too.

The Amarzo ashtray , made from the bottom of recycled glass bottles , is not only a creative and minimalist object that fulfills its function perfectly, but also a symbol for environmental protection . Its creation has a zero environmental impact , thanks to the reduction of pollution and the saving of energy and raw materials for production.

Available in the Barbera variety (bright green).

ashtray amarzo

Thank you for reading this article, we hope that our proposals will be useful for you to surprise your boyfriend with a pleasant, creative and green-hearted gift .

If you liked our gift ideas and want to buy one of our artisanal and minimalist products, made from 100% recycled glass, or simply discover all our offers, take a look at our shop .

If you are looking for other curiosities about the world of glass and Italian craftsmanship, visit our blog .

Article by Sofia Tamborra

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