3 green gift ideas for her

Let us guess: do you have a girlfriend, friend or mother who loves the environment and are you looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift for her ?

Then don't miss this article because it could be very useful to you.

The 3 green gift ideas for her

We offer you 3 sustainable and extremely creative ideas to give to your girlfriend: magnificent handcrafted design objects with which to furnish the home environment in an original way, perfect for all those women who love the green philosophy.

1. Window | In March

Let's start immediately with our flagship: the window.

It is a peculiar ivory black bottle , characterized by a more or less large central empty space .

Those who observe it remain enthralled by its modern and essential style , by its delicate aesthetics , but above all by the "chasm" at the center of the structure, which allows those who observe it to look beyond , just like when admiring a panorama through a window.

It can be used by your girl in various ways, such as:

  • an elegant furnishing object ;
  • an original vase for storing scented flowers ;
  • the missing piece for the collection of particular bottles .

The Fenestra Amarzo is a true artistic creation , capable of conquering and seducing those who receive it as a gift.

It is available in three versions:

  • 3 L Jèrobam format;

  • 1.5 L Magnum format;

  • Classic 0.75 L format.

March window

2. Candle | In March

Our candles are exclusive products, made on request and customizable .

They are created by hand with the manufacturing techniques we use to give life to our glasses , and are then filled with soy wax , a biodegradable vegetable that is strictly non-toxic for children and animals.

Soy candles have unique characteristics:

  • they burn up to three times slower than classic paraffin candles,

  • they are consumed evenly and cleanly without leaving residues in the containers;

  • They have a pleasant and long-lasting scent .

They are available in 5 vibrant colors : brownish yellow, amber yellow, ivory black, bright green, light green and pure white.

March candle

3) Trays | In March

By giving one of our trays to your girl, you can't help but make her happy.

They are obtained from the longitudinal cutting of glass bottles and handcrafted to make the surfaces soft and smooth , with the support base flattened on the outside to ensure stability on any surface.

Amarzo trays are endowed with incredible versatility : in addition to being original furnishing design objects , they can be exploited in the most imaginative ways:

  • to set the table in a creative way : they are ideal for containing any type of dish, adding a touch of class to the dishes ;
  • as a pocket tray to be placed at the entrance of the house to store keys, sunglasses, etc.;
  • as a jewelery box to keep in the bedroom to store earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces etc...

Amarzo trays are made in 4 different varieties , take a look at them to choose the model best suited to your tastes and needs:

March tray

The nature of Amarzo products

All Amarzo designer objects are born from our love for the environment and Italian craftsmanship .

After finding used glass bottles , we transport them to our laboratory in Colle Val d'Elsa (city of crystal and glass), to subject them to careful hand-made manufacturing processes .

We thus create ecological creations in recycled glass , of various shapes and functions, perfect for furnishing your environment with imagination and originality .

The sustainable nature of Amarzo products encourages the circular economy and does justice to the Italian artisan tradition.

The people who embrace our project support the future of Made in Italy together with us and make a small but fundamental contribution to making our world cleaner .

Thanks for reading this far, we hope you found this article helpful.

If you want to give our products as a gift to your girlfriend or receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find us:

  • on our social channels Instagram and TikTok: @amarzo_madeinitaly;
  • on our email address: infoamarzo@gmail.com;
  • on whatsapp, by clicking on the "Talk to us" button to chat with one of our operators.

If you are looking for other curiosities about the world of glass and Italian craftsmanship, visit our blog .

Article by Sofia Tamborra

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