Innovation and tradition: the cold grinding technique

Tuscan craftsmanship , with its roots anchored in history and tradition, is a symbol of excellence and user-friendliness that reflects the essence of this Italian region. Tuscany is famous for its mastery in working with materials such as leather, glass, ceramic and fabric, and has been able to keep ancient techniques alive, passing them on from generation to generation.

In a context of profound respect for the Tuscan tradition , Amarzo is the point of reference for renewing the culture of Tuscan craftsmanship, preserving the essence of its techniques, including cold grinding. March, therefore, does not limit itself to preserving the heritage of Tuscan craftsmanship, but projects it into the future, making the cold grinding technique a pillar of its production philosophy, relying on some of the best local artisans.

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The cold grinding technique

The cold grinding technique is the approach used by Amarzo for the creation of our products, a perfect balance between respect for traditions and aspiration for innovation. This artisanal technique involves the absence of heat during the manufacturing process, allowing the materials to be manipulated while maintaining their original properties intact.

We at Amarzo have been able to elevate this technique by masterfully applying it to the processing of recycled glass, transforming them into objects of design and refined beauty.

The advantages of cold grinding are many: in addition to preserving the molecular structure of the materials, this technique guarantees a high precision and quality finish, impossible to obtain with methods that involve the use of heat. Specific applications range from the creation of decorative elements to household utensils.

Identifying the potential of this method as an opportunity to stand out in the panorama of modern craftsmanship, Amarzo has invested in the search for expert local artisans , capable of best expressing the virtues of this ancient practice.

Amarzo and innovation in Tuscan craftsmanship

Amarzo represents an emblematic example of how innovation can enrich and renew the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship, keeping its original spirit alive. Through an approach that combines respect for centuries-old artisan techniques and the adoption of cutting-edge methodologies, Amarzo stands out for its ability to create products that are at the same time witnesses of Tuscan cultural richness and expressions of modern and sustainable design.

The integration of innovation in this traditionally rich context is not limited to the simple adoption of new technologies, but is reflected in a profound understanding of the potential offered by the cold grinding technique. This method, for example, is applied in the creation of furnishings and home accessories that embody a history of sustainability and attention to the environment.

Among Amarzo's flagship products that exploit the cold grinding technique, we find trays and lamps in recycled glass , whose smooth and perfectly finished surface testifies to the high precision achievable with this methodology.

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Production process: from material selection to cold grinding

The production process adopted for the creation of our products involves a careful selection of materials and a meticulous manufacturing process which concludes with the cold grinding technique. This journey starts with the rigorous choice of high quality raw materials, favoring sustainable ones, such as recycled glass. This conscious selection allows the creation of sustainable household products but also reflects Amarzo's commitment to protecting the environment.

Once selected, the materials are worked through traditional techniques by expert craftsmen. The processing includes phases such as cutting, shaping and assembly and is carried out with great attention to detail. The final phase, that of cold grinding , takes place using precision instruments and is carried out without altering the physical properties of the materials.

Cold grinding is not just a matter of aesthetics; it is a choice that reflects the importance of sustainability and quality in Amarzo's production process. This technique, avoiding the use of heat, reduces energy consumption and minimizes the environmental impact of production. At the same time, it ensures that each finished product reaches an exceptional quality standard, with smooth surfaces, refined details and superior durability.

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The cold grinding technique is a pillar of Tuscan craftsmanship and the approach on which Amarzo's philosophy is based. It is a perfect combination of respect for traditions and the drive towards innovation. This methodology, essential in the Amarzo production process, emphasizes the importance of a process that maintains the natural properties of the materials unaltered, while guaranteeing finishes of exceptional quality and detail.

Through the cold grinding technique, we are able to offer a wide range of products that are the expression of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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