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Mix Spoons 3pcs. Recycled Glass | Recycled Bottle

Mix Spoons 3pcs. Recycled Glass | Recycled Bottle

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Design Spoons

Color Ivory Black/Pastel Yellow/Bright
Size 14x7
Weight 100g


Amarzo's Recycled Glass Finger Food Spoons are an ecological and elegant solution for your events. This exclusive mix of single-serving spoons is the fruit of the mastery of Italian glass artisans, who transform 100% recycled glass bottles into unique design finger food accessories. Perfect for serving delicious bites or as elegant sauce holders, these spoons add a touch of modernity and tradition to your table, while promoting the reduction of production waste.

Handmade with care, the spoons are derived from the remaining parts of the processing of our exclusive recycled glass pitchers, demonstrating Amarzo's commitment to the creative reuse of materials. This collection not only enhances the beauty of recycled glass but also marks a step forward in the recovery of material that would otherwise be destined for remelting.

By choosing Amarzo's glass finger food spoons, you will be doing your part for a cleaner world, supporting the art of Italian craftsmanship, and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Join us in celebrating responsible elegance with these refined single-serving spoons, the undisputed protagonists of any occasion.

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