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Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo

Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo

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Glasses 6pcs. Recycled Glass | Amarzo

Glasses from processed bottles

200/300 ml


Discover the unique charm of Amarzo's Colored Recycled Glass Glass Set, the perfect choice for those looking to combine elegance, creativity, and sustainability. These glasses, made with meticulous attention to quality and detail, are the result of artisanal craftsmanship that employs environmentally friendly techniques without emitting harmful emissions. The minimalist design, enriched by vibrant colors or the depth of black, adds an unmistakable touch of class to any table, making every occasion special.

The Set offers a range of six glasses allowing you to express your personality and creativity in the table presentation. Whether it's for a formal event or an intimate dinner, these recycled glass glasses will be undisputed protagonists, capable of adapting to any style and atmosphere.

Handmade by skilled Italian artisans, the Amarzo glasses are smooth and soft to the touch, ensuring safety and comfort during use. The exclusive technique that involves the use of diamond grinding wheel and water not only ensures high precision finishes but also underlines Amarzo's commitment to protecting the environment through conscious production practices. By choosing Amarzo, you not only enrich your table with an element of rare beauty but also actively contribute to glass recycling, supporting a more sustainable future.

Colored glasses, designer glasses, water glasses

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