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Fenestra | Amarzo

Fenestra | Amarzo

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 Coloration Nero avorio


Jèroboam 36x15x10

Magnum 34x11x7,5

Classic 30x8x6 


Jèroboam 840

Magnum 440

Classical 340

There are those who say that through that space he sees a door to a cleaner world; for others it represents a bridge between the artisan tradition and the future of Made in Italy. 

And you? What meaning will you find by being inspired by the harmony of its forms?

Fenestra is the bottle in section of Amarzo is the result of 6 processing processes.

Designed and designed to seduce, it is a design object that combines the wisdom of Italian craftsmanship with a modern and essential style.

Dedicated to those who seek the soul even in small things and loves to ask questions. 

The transparency of the glass is enlivened by the empty space, enhanced by soft and smooth lines. 

Available in three versions:

Jèroboam 3 L format

Magnum size 1.5 L

Classic size from 0.75 L

Choosing the bottle in the section of Amarzo you too can do your part for a cleaner world. 


By the environment and the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship.

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